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Bishops, however, retain the rosary, as indicating that they have risen from the monastic state, even though they are in adrienne vittadini yarn allegra world governing their dioceses. Vescovi, tuttavia, mantenere il rosario, che indica che essi sono passati da monastica di Stato, anche se non sono del mondo che regolano la loro diocesi. The rosary used in the present Greek Orthodox Church -- whether in Russia or in the East -- is quite different in form from that used in the Latin Church. Il rosario utilizzati nel presente Chiesa greco-ortodossa - se, in Russia o in Oriente - รจ molto diversa nella forma da quello utilizzato nella Chiesa latina. The use of the prayer-knots or prayer-beads originated from the fact that monks, according to the rule of St. Basil, the only monastic rule known to the Greek Rite, were enjoined by their founder to pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Luke 1), and as most of the early monks were laymen, engaged often in various forms of work and in many cases without sufficient education to read the prescribed lessons, psalms, and prayers of the daily office, the rosary was used by them as a means of continually reciting their prayers. At the beginning and at the end of each prayer said by the monk upon each knot or bead he makes the "great reverence" (he megale metanoia), bending down to the ground, so zilola vagy allegra print the mognato allegra coupon of the rosary is often known as a metania.

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