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Washington, DC : ASM Press, c2013. The transformational self : attachment and the end of the adolescent phase Harold K. Bendicsen. London : Karnac, 2013.

In front of the camera, as the interview goes along, Kim Junsu will gradually share with you what he wants to do, clearly and specifically. Since debuting 8 years ago until now, there isnrsquo;t a single moment that he is not living as a star but now he doesnrsquo;t feel scared or hesitate about his own decision anymore. He has grown to another level so he is more honest and interesting than ever. We have met Kim Junsu after he concluded successfully an Asia tour for his first solo album lsquo;TARANTALLEGRArsquo; and is about to proceed with a World tour. Q: After concluding the interview last February, I asked you to guess which team would be the winner of Euro 2012 and you shouted ldquo;Spain!rdquo; after considering for 3 seconds. Your guess really did come true but did you watch any of the Euro matches.

Stockholm Marathon 2012, June 2. (Deadline for entries: Feb 15, 2012). Spectator sporting events.]