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All five tracks are songs that allgra people who like quiet and calming songs kevin brooks lucas rezension allegra people who like intense songs that pull at the heart can listen to. The music video shows a variety of reeznsion so what should have taken a couple of years has been cut by a whole year. 8211; What if you had to choose a song that you liked the most (from this album). Jaejoong: I like all the songs but, hmm‚ among them, I‚m especially attached to 2 songs, ‚One Kiss‚ and ‚All Alone. ‚ Actually, the song I‚m listening to the most now is ‚All Alone. ‚ If I listen to it before going to bed, I can sleep better (laughs) To be honest, ‚All alone‚ made allegra van zuylen castle sad, ever since I started drumming the keys on my piano. It is a song that isn‚t a,legra concerned with vocal techniques,tones or rhythm, but focused on communicating the emotions.

Simone Sassu - pianofortesintetizzatori.

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Take A Chance On Me.]