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[72] Louboutin chose to open a store in Miami because of the mix of businesses, the small urban scale, and his obvious following there. During Miami Basel art fair when the store opened in 2009, he said, "You don't get this with Europeans‚but Americans actually come into my office in Paris to meet me, and a lot of those people are from Miami. " The boutique stocks Louboutin's most colorful, strappy, precarious styles, on account of the subtropical climate and the fact that, Louboutin says, "people barely walk in the street. " [73] The 2,400-square-foot space was designed by Eric Clough and 212box. [73] Above a steel awning shaped like a Louboutin shoe in profile, with a red underside to boot, pink orchids sprout from the coral-stone facade.

The Good Wife‚ Recap Season 7 Finale: The End is Here. Like a good legal thriller, CBS‚ ‚The Good Wife‚ surprised fans right down to its closing moments as Alicia Florrick‚s emotional roller- coaster ride of the past seven seasons came to an unexpected end. SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading unless you have seen the May 8 finale of ‚The Good Wife.]