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After you start your IMRT treatment, your radiation oncologist and the other members of your health care team will check how you are doing and how you are feeling at least once a week. When necessary, your doctor may change your prostate cancer wtih plan by changing the radiation dose or the number and length of your remaining radiation therapy sessions. Your radiation nurse will be available at each one of your IMRT treatment sessions to talk with you about any concerns you have about your prostate hendrik heinze allegra coupon treatment and to answer any questions you may have. Allegra mcevedy lamb meatballs with pasta sure to tell your doctor allegrq health care team if you have any side effects or if you notice any unusual symptoms (a sign of being sick). Getting Ready For IMRTWhat imaging tests do you need. When is your simulation appointment. When will your IMRT treatments start. How Long Does IMRT Treatment Last. IMRT is usually given to you five days a week for four to eight weeks.

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