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¬There were few neat and tidy endings in the series finale ‚ appropriately titled ‚End‚ ‚ written by series creators Robert and Michelle King. Julianna Margulies‚ titular character spends the episode wrestling with the intellectual instincts that get in the way of what her heart wants. Thoughout the hour she gets counsel from a eosage source: Will Doxage, the love- of- her- life fellow lawyer who died a violent death back at the end of season five. Josh Charles did indeed make a memorable return to the show to give Alicia a kick in the pants, although it‚s not allegra dosage forms nitroglycerin whether she takes all of his romantic advice. The ending leaves Alicia at a crossroads, professionally and personally. We learn that the ever- scheming Eli Gold has plans to ‚invest‚ in her as a political candidate ‚ just as soon as the Florrick divorce papers allegra d 60 120 dosage form dry ‚ in an effort to hang on to what‚s left of her husband Peter‚s base of donors and voters. Crassly, Eli starts plotting this shift with Peter even before he broaches the subject with Alicia ‚ although Alicia is cunning enough to have perhaps anticipated this move already. It‚s the smart move,‚ Eli tells Peter.

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