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Jennifer L. Loesel, Ann Arbor, Allegra brosco biography. Marten D. Logsdon, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Colin A.

Transition from a genie to an inside leg hang. rotations on static pole. spinning pole floats and traces. Splits on the pole.

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(one handed aerial)Lesson 1.

Travellers heading from Ljubljana can use the A3. Travellers coming from the west 8211; Italy, as well as Rijeka or Istria 8211; can use the A7 motorway (near and bypassing Rijeka), A6 motorway (Rijeka-Bosiljevo) and then the A1 (Bosiljevo-Zagreb). Those travelling from Italy can bypass the expensive motorway toll in Slovenia by using the state route SS21 through Trieste, route E61 through Slovenia (in a bad shape) and then A7 south to Rijeka, then Rijeka bypass, then A6 east to Bosiljevo and A1 northeast to Zagreb. Travellers heading from the south 8211; Dalmatian coast (Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, 8230;) or from Montenegro 8211; can use the A1 highway, often combined with the state roads D8 (by the coastline) and D1 (through the hinterland). To use highways in Croatia you must pay a toll either in Croatian national currency, the Kuna, or in Euro.

Keep a copy of the materials that you submit for your records. Absence of these documents will void any rebate request.]