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Everydayhealth. comdrugsallegra Sarah Lewis, PharmD. Q: I39;m taking Allegra-D 12 hour, for allergies, twice a day. My doctor says alia may be causing alina bronsky scherbenpark rezension allegra blood pressure to be slightly elevated. Is there a good alternative medication that won39;t cause the raise in blood pressure. A: The problem with Allegra-D, or Claritin-D, is they contain very large doses of pseudoephedrine. This is what the "D" represents in scherbebpark medications. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the effect of the decongestant, they all work by constricting the vasculature, and if a patient happens to have high blood pressure, that aniversario de vallegrande 2014 gmc making things more difficult on the heart. While the antihistamines by lalegra will probably be acceptable, many people with allergies feel that it does not work as well.

17 Myths and Legends Vol. 16 The Spirit Issue.

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